Welcome to my life as revealed in the written and visual expression you will find in my website. Always having been been ruled by my imagination and idealistic spirit, I've found that I have a gift for escaping reality, making it possible to cope with many of the real world situations that  have been  significant learning experiences for me in this lifetime.

My memoir, The Unintentional Journey, which is now available for literary agents and publishers, will tell you about my life with Carrie Louise, who traveled a rough road to teach her mother serious life lessons about unconditional love and faith in divine guidance. This journey we traveled together is the seed for many of my art creations.

The sculpture below, Freedom, is a result of seeing Carrie struggle with her bipolar, schizophrenia, and OCD. She was an inspiration to me in her relentless attempts to overcome her mental illness symptoms, from which she so deserved her freedom. Although all of my art does not reflect the theme of our unintentional journey together, I'm sure if you read my memoir you'll be able to relate to the paintings and sculptures that unintentionally express the underlying theme of my daughter's life and the profound effect it had on those who knew and loved her.

        - clay model for bronze sculpture-limited time PRECAST PRICING

Freedom   15" x 17" x 12"